pinit fg en rect gray 20   POC Trabec Helmet

poc trabec   POC Trabec Helmet

Sporting a completely different look from other helmet lines like the DJ helmets, POC is serious in making a statement with their new POC Trabec helmets. The helmet is specifically designed for all mountain riders, perfect for the great outdoors.

POC’s helmet offers more than just protection for both the side and the back of the head. It has boasted of fitting on your head more like a skater’s helmet rather than that of a cyclist but with the ventilation that comes along with a trail helmet with 16 large vent holes to keep you cool no matter the pressure.

The Trabec trail helmet by POC is fabricated using an Aramid filament reinforced EPS (Expanded PolyStyrene foam) core blended perfectly with a polycarbonate shell that helps keep away any tears from the seams in vulnerable areas.

Currently there are two available models for the POC Trabec: The POC Trabec and POC Trabec Race. Both helmets were created and designed to protect riders from head injuries when pulling off insane tricks or while taking out an uphill trail. The only difference with these two models is that the POC Trabec Race offers added support and protection because of the doubled amount of Aramid materials built in to the race helmet.

The Trabec will be available to the market in three sizes and will carry a price tag of $179.00.

poc trabec 2   POC Trabec Helmet

poc trabec helmet 3   POC Trabec Helmet