pinit fg en rect gray 20   Elite Deboyo Thermal Water Bottle 2011

elite deboyo thermal water bottle 2011   Elite Deboyo Thermal Water Bottle 2011

Elite introduces its Deboyo thermal water bottle, which will be on sale in March, 2011.

Made from Inox steel with Vacuum Technology, this new water bottle provides convenient hydration to cyclists on a long, sweaty ride. The Deboyo thermal water bottle 2011 features two containers welded together allowing no air, increasing thermal isolation.

This innovative water bottle can guarantee thermal performance. It can keep liquids hot or cold for a half-day ride or even longer. The 300g Deboyo has a 74mm external diameter with two tops. Its cycling top provides riders great convenience with a protective cap, a push-pull valve and a twist opening. The protective cap is for increased hygiene, the push-pull valve for easy opening and closing and the twist opening for easy cleaning and filling.

More suited for for leisure activities, the one-piece steel top makes sure that the seal is impeccable.