pinit fg en rect gray 20   Capo Cortina Wind Vest

capo cortina wind vest   Capo Cortina Wind Vest

The Capo Cortina Wind Vest is all about looking great and delivering a much needed warmth from the harsh cold elements, specifically for female riders.

The this amazing Wind vest is a cut above the rest of other female apparel thanks to a well refined cut that covers most parts, never flaps or bulges and as mentioned earlier, keeps the rider warm when out in the cold. To be able to do this, the sleek fit uses a revised Windtex Flight Plus 2 fabric, which is an improvement of the old Capo windtex materials, given more stretch and a softer hand to boot.

Ventilation is also an important factor that is being utilized in this promising women’s apparel. That is why the Capo Cortina Wind Vest has been crafted with a breathable mesh back, which helps sweat evaporate easily. When the going gets too hot, the new Wind Vest can be easily folded into a standard jersey pocket. The jersey pockets can be easily reached under the vest thanks to the non-elastic waist. Reflective piping has been integrated along the back portion of the vest to help riders riding during the evenings. This gives them more safety by making them more noticeable.

While having a price tag of $129.99, the Capo Cortina Wind Vest delivers great quality protection that will last for a long time.