pinit fg en rect gray 20   Campagnolo Athena Groupset

campagnolo athena groupset   Campagnolo Athena Groupset

Campagnolo returns with a great groupset in the form of the Campagnolo Athena groupset, which blends perfectly efficient performance and value. Maintaining class and elegance that has been a constant in most of their products, the Campagnolo Athena groupset enters the realm of Base model 11 speed group with the Athena. Regardless if you are a vintage bike collector or a picky customer, the Athena groupset will still definitely catch your fancy.

The Athena’s lever called the ErgoPower is paired with the Campagnolo’s dual compound hood, which can be easily used for riders from any shape and size with an adjuster that increases the lever by 8 degrees with the use of a body shim. The brakeset is equipped with a single pivot rear design. Riders might have too much fun with the single pivot rear brakes’ anti-lock ability even when panic braking.

Like the goddess Athena from whom they derived the name, the Campagnolo’s Athena groupset is as graceful as can be. The rubberized rear derailleur pulleys and the rub guards for the front derailleur cage help to keep things in order when riding. The bottomline is that the Athena groupset can definitely pull its own weight just like any 11 speed sets.

The Athena groupset also boasts of the Campagnolo’s Ultra-Torque semi axle crank and bottom bracket design, which can definitely bear the weight of riders with all kinds of body type, from thin guys to the guys on a heavier scale. The crank’s shifting performance and overall stiffness is being helped by a 3.5mm thick machined chainring. The Athena’s rear derailleur can work with any type of cassette from 12-29 tooth 11 speed cassette.