2012 banshee prime 29er   2012 Banshee Prime 29er

It has been previously noted that Banshee is currently working on a 29er. It is said to be called the 2012 Banshee Prime. 50 frames are to be tested and will undergo the same process as the Legend Mkl. The Prime is intended to be a 29er, which is strong and stiff specially designed for excellent mountain riding of all aspects. The 130mm travel of the Prime will seem to be more like 150 to 160mm if you are used to riding 29ers.

The Banshee Prime will be most playful due to its planned aggressive seat angle and short chainstays but with optimized weight distribution to manage control during technical climbs. Stability and control on high speed descents is one of the targeted objectives to achieve because of its low geometry.

The Prime’s suspension linkage uses the best elements of the VF4B link but minimizes the rotation of the shock DU bushings for a more supple suspension action. Such manner is said to provide fine tuning and offers a wider range of geometry manipulation. Grade 5 6AI4V titanium pivot axles and bolts will run as fully sealed INA bearings.

The geometry can be adjusted in a simple manner by a single chain ring style bolt at the dropout. The suspension characteristics won’t be affected when the steep is change to slack setting that would drop the BB by 12mm and slackens the head angle out by 1 degree. The frame will be offered in two dropout types, 135x10mm and 150x10mm, to provide the needs of all types of riders.

Over sized tires of 29×2.5” are the ones to be use for this model. Clearance is of the matter on this aspect as bucket of clearance is noted around the rear tire. 7005 alloy will be the t4 and t6 that are heat treated for maximum frame strength. Tubes will all be triple butted custom hydroformed for maximum strength to weight ratio. The frame will only be compatible with direct mount front derailleurs. Guides will also be provided for the adjustable seatpost.

Frame details are still subject to change as of this point. But rest assured Banshee will keep posted with regards to the progress of the 2012 Banshee Prime 29er Prototype.

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