2011 velocite helios aero   2011 Velocite Helios Aero

Road bike lovers will definitely rejoice when the new road bike from Taiwanese-based bike maker Velocite bikes dubbed the 2011 Velocite Helios Aero hits the road this year. The Helios Aero is a ground breaking new road bike formed from the collaboration between Velocite bikes and award winning aero bike designer Lewis Mathiske, who has also worked with some of the best riders in the world. The new bike offers great aerodynamics only Mathiske can develop and make.

Velocite is proud of their latest innovation because it is the only bike with true aero profiles within the maximum allowable limits as dictated by the UCI as well as provides unequalled lateral stiffness matching or above average stiffness for non-aero high performance road frames with less emphasis on the weight.

This herculean feat was accomplished by the Velocite team by utilizing the best available composite carbon fibre materials and unique manufacturing methods. The advanced carbon fibre layup for the bike also sports an extensive use of ultra high modulus carbon fibre. Meanwhile, the high compression moulding technology also ensures that both the bike frame’s exterior and interior remain smooth and wrinkle free.

This cool looking bike also boasts of a full carbon BB30 shell and an asymmetric head tube with carbon fibre races. It is also built with a 1.5” bottom bearing that guarantees that Helios Aero can go uphill or downhill with great precision and efficiency. The bike has a high compression moulding, and the frame’s smooth interior allows the Velocite bike to work great without internal guide tubes, making for the perfect shifting performance as well as making the frame compatible with the Shimano Di2 and any other shift by wire systems.

Finally the 2011 Velocite Helios Aero sports a full carbon monocoque aero fork with a narrow profile, wide stance and coupled with carbon dropouts. The tapered 1.5” carbon steerer also helps in making rides stable while going down a slope or sprinting.

Velocite Helios Aero uses a full carbon monocoque aero fork with a narrow profile, wide stance and carbon dropouts. The tapered 1.5” carbon steerer ensures the best stability and confidence when descending, or sprinting. This makes the bike great for multi-stage racing, triathlon or even for a technical time trial event for riders. The new bike will ship to stores on April 2011 in medium sized frames weighing 1250g while other sizes will be available in June and is priced at $2999. A setup complete with Shimano Dura-Ace with carbon clincher wheels on the otherhand will cost riders $6999.

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