2011 trek 1 2 compact bike   2011 Trek 1.2 Compact Bike

Affordable, the 2011 Trek 1.2 Compact bike takes pride in its advanced features. Such features include the aluminum frame with a racer-friendly set up. Bontrager and Shimano provided the 2011 Trek 1.2 Compact with a competitive carbon fork and components, too.

With the Bontrager approved carbon fork, the Trek 1.2 Compact is lighter and stronger than its rivals. On the other hand, its Shimano gears allow for fast and impeccable changes. While the quality of the Trek 1.2 Compact is enhanced, its sporty feel is not compromised.

In terms of aesthetics, the 2011 Trek 1.2 Compact bike sports a beautiful bold white frame. Aside from that, the Trek 1.2 features a lot of stylish blue detailing on various components, which includes the cable wrapping. As a whole, it looks like a racing road bike that is worth a spot in every rider’s collection.