pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Torm T6 Jersey

2011 torm t6 jersey   2011 Torm T6 Jersey

39% Merino and 61% polyester, the 2011 Torm T6 long-sleeve jersey is light and efficiently keeps essential body heat locked in and wicks moisture away from the skin thanks to the Sportwool and the T6′s cut. Along with the accurate sizings are an extended tail and sleeves long enough to stay down while on the bike.

Tailored specifically for bike riding, the 2011 Torm T6 long-sleeve jersey has great new features that include a drawstring waist and lock-down YKK zip with a chinguard. On the rear is a silicone gripper to keep the jersey in place. The Torm T6 also features subtle reflective strips, three well-sized pockets and two water resistant zip pockets that have looped zips for easy access.

As compared to the original jersey, all joins on the rear pockets of the 2011 Torm T6 jersey have been reinforced. Extra stitching has been added at each point where a pocket end attaches to the rear of the jersey, too. To all non-white jerseys, a white panel has been added across the lower half of the pockets. On the back of the pockets, the reflective strips have been changed from horizontal to vertical.