pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Sun Ringle Dirty Flea Single Speed Hub

2011 sun ringle dirty flea single speed hub   2011 Sun Ringle Dirty Flea Single Speed Hub

Sun Ringle has released a hot new product for 2011, the Dirty Flea Single Speed cassette hub. Just like a lot of Sun Ringle hubs, the 2011 Sun Ringle Dirty Flea Single speed hub features outstanding durability and smoothness.

Comparing to the traditional freewheel single speed hub, the hub is a unique item. The smaller cassette body of cassette single speed hubs do not force the rider into one static position for the rear cog.

Fine-tuning the position of the cog is easy with the single speed hubby Sun Ringle because it is equipped with only a few spacers. Through this, the impeccable chainline with almost any crank set up is guaranteed. Multiple single speed gears or a mini geared set up is allowed as well.