2011 speedplay nanogram zero titanium pedals   2011 Speedplay Nanogram Zero Titanium Pedals

Riders looking for the next best thing after sometime using the Speedplay zero pedals might be interested in getting the pedals’ younger and cooler brother, the 2011 Speedplay Zero Nanogram Titanium Pedals.

Not only does the Zero Nanogram return with the same quality that made the Speedplay Zero a household name in bike pedals, including the low stack height and the cornering capabilities, it’s got some new tricks of its own. The Nanogram lives up to its name in every sense of the word, sporting an amazing 65g per pedal weight. This might have been the main reason why the world’s number 1 pro team, Team CSC/Saxobank picked up this great looking pedal.

With one glance you might say that nothings has been changed between the new Nanogram and the Speedplay Zero but upon further checking, you’ll find that the wrench flats are absent. This is all thanks to the new titanium spindle that fits perfectly on a 6mm Allen key at the spindle end much like the bolts holding the bowties together. The pedal’s black body is made out of hard carbon and not the usual composite plastic while the bowties are aluminum rather than steel.

Some other interesting technical changes that have occurred are as follows: The three sets of bearings are still intricately placed inside the pedal, two of which are balls while the other one is a needle. This time though, the larger ball bearing sets have ceramic balls running on a stainless steel race to improve the pedal’s performance. The bearings are also now lubed internally to help in friction reduction.

Minus the cleats, the 2011 Speedplay Zero Nanogram Pedals will weigh no more than 129 g and comes packed nicely in a collectible tin container.

2011 speedplay nanogram zero titanium pedals 2   2011 Speedplay Nanogram Zero Titanium Pedals