2011 sixsixone elite bomber undershorts   2011 Sixsixone Elite Bomber Undershorts

Designed with enhanced flexibility and feel, the 2011 Sixsixone Elite Bomber Undershorts are a cycling garment that will help achieve greater comfort during a tough or long ride. This padded undershorts by Elite Bomber got its amazing flexible features from its soft EVA foam and embossed hard foam.

In less critical areas of the Sixsixone Elite Bomber Undershorts, EVA foam is added to make the garment softer. On the other hand, the Elite Bomber undershorts integrate embossed hard foam meant for protection in the hips.

Additional features of the Sixsixone are chamois and 4-way stretch flexible body to further make it softer and more flexible. Chamois is added to the undershorts to add more comfort in the saddle and the vented 4-Way stretch flexible body is a new feature.

Riders will find it great wearing the 2011 Sixsixone Elite Bomber Undershorts because of its anti-slippery qualities, too. Aside from cycling, this undershorts can also tackle the slopes.