pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Rapha Riding Trousers

2011 rapha riding trousers   2011 Rapha Riding Trousers

What makes the 2011 Rapha Riding Trousers ideal pants for comfortable riding is its fabric. These pants’ fabric are lightweight, breathable stretch-cotton based. Slim-fitting pants by Rapha, they are designed both for function and for fashion.

When it comes to function, Rapha Riding Trousers are crafted to be cooperative with the saddle, making for a comfortable ride. With its slender cut, these trousers don’t flop so there’s little risk of them getting caught in the sprocket or on the saddle nose.

Also making the Rapha Riding Trousers cooperative with the saddle are the microfiber seat and inner thighs. Bothersome chafing can be avoided thanks to the strategic positioning of the inside leg seams.

To make sure the riding trousers will not slip off when riding, the inside of the waistband is finished with soft gripper tape. An extended hook and eye closure integrated in the waistband keep the front of the trousers flat.

In terms of fashion, the 2011 Rapha Riding Trousers are designed to fit even non-cycling-specific tops.