2011 norco truax   2011 Norco Truax

Expected to be available in early June 2011, Norco has launched two models of its Truax, the Truax Team and Truax 1. Aside from the new look, the 2011 Norco Truax is built with key functionality features like A.R.T suspension design, a tapered headtube, asymmetric stays and a Syntace rear-axle system to name a few. Versatility and the advancement of technology comes with the whole package as one of the most high-end freeride bikes that Norco has created.

Jay Hoots, a well respected Norco Factory Team Rider, will be the first to ride the 2011 Norco Truax. Norco finds him deserving for such honor for Jay has been working through the evolution of Norco bikes for ten years.

2011 norco truax 2   2011 Norco Truax

2011 norco truax 3   2011 Norco Truax

2011 norco truax 4   2011 Norco Truax

2011 norco truax 5   2011 Norco Truax