pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Niner RIP 9 Bike

2011 niner rip 9 bike   2011 Niner RIP 9 Bike

A head angle slackened by a degree is one of the changes made in the 2011 Niner RIP 9 bike in order to enhance the capabilities of the RIP to tackle downhill trails.

The slacker head angle of the new RIP is of 70.5º (120mm fork) to 69.5º (140mm fork). Riders can achieve even steeper or slacker angles thanks to the upgrade to an aftermarket Cane Creek Angleset. This means a range from 72º (120mm fork) casino online to 68º (140mm fork), making a very versatile frame, ideal for dialing in to best tackle local trails.

Other new features of the 2011 Niner RIP 9 bike include an overt 140mm fork endorsement, hot Tamale red color, and Zero Stack headset standard. These changes make this new version of the RIP bike a great buy.