pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Giro Xar Helmet

2011 giro xar helmet   2011 Giro Xar Helmet

The Xar is practically the combination of all helmet models from Giro. It offers excellent ventilation, maximum protection and comfort, which is most suitable for all-mountain, marathon XC and Super D. The Xar is carefully crafted with ergonomic side arms, perfectly designed to provide more comfort and flawlessness when wearing sunglasses.

The 2011 Giro Xar helmet features a new system from Giro called the donapasvane Roc Loc 5 system. This new system provides a completely new whole unparalleled level experience of comfort, stability, adaptability and low eight for riders. With Roc Loc 5, adjusting the tightness of the helmet in two directions, using one hand going vertical or horizontal, is easy. Simply turn the small round disk from the back of the helmet to tighten it in rough terrain or to loosen it up in warmer weather. Regulating the helmet in a vertical direction is simple because of its clamp located at the rear part of the helmet that comes in three possible options it can occupy. Thus, there is no need to remove the helmet when adjusting it in a vertical or horizontal direction. The straps will be always at its place because of the new system. Despite the new features the Roc Loc 5 provides, the helmet is still 40% lighter compared to the Roc Loc 4.

The 2011 Giro Xar is made of a Polycarbonate shell with EPS foam inside, poised for lightweight with better durability and ventilation. Note that Giro bicycle helmets have their own patented ventilation system that combines multiple openings that brings fresh air into the helmet. The helmet is reinforced with polyamide moldings in the EPS foam liner, which provides an additional layer for even greater strength. The Xar has 17 holes for ventilation; comes in seven different color schemes to choose from.

2011 giro xar helmet 2   2011 Giro Xar Helmet

2011 giro xar helmet 3   2011 Giro Xar Helmet

2011 giro xar helmet 4   2011 Giro Xar Helmet