pinit fg en rect gray 20   Topeak Defender FX Front Fender

topeak defender fx front fender   Topeak Defender FX Front Fender

Looking for the perfect front fender for your mountain bike? Then you might want to check out the Topeak Defender FX Front Fender. The latest front fender from Topeakis designed specifically for mountain bikes with suspension forks. The front half is higher than the back, and it ships in two halves.

One great thing about the Topeak Defender Front Fender is that it can easily be attached and detached on your bike depending on your mood. This awesome and practical fender attaches to the fork via a quick release that fits snugly in the fork crown.

This front fender is 23” long by 3.5” wide by 6” tall and weighs 180g. Topeak’s latest creation is made from injection-molded nylon, making it one of the most durable front fenders available on the market today. Get these great fenders for only $24.99