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StringDrives StringBike   StringDrive StringBike

StringDrive, a company based in Hungary, claims that the current bicycle designs together with the drive chain and gears placed on one side makes the ride an asymmetric riding experience that might just be inefficient. And as such, the company StringDrive has announced that they might have created a new and better technology that will give riders a smoother and better ride in the form of their StringBike.

StringDrive’s StringBike uses two similar drive units that run in opposing directions on either side of the bike. The drive unit’s arm swings back and forth when the pedals are turned that in turn pulls a set of steel ropes placed conveniently on either side of the bike, which causes a drum and the rear wheel to rotate.

As you continuously pedal, the mechanisms on both sides of the bike move in perfect symmetry as well as constantly driving the rear wheel making for an excellent and efficient ride.

No details as of yet when the StringBike will be released.