pinit fg en rect gray 20   SRAM Red Front Derailleur

hero 2   SRAM Red Front Derailleur

The SRAM Red Front Derailleur brings precision shifting to new heights thanks a lot to nice and new modifications from the previous model of last year.

The new red front derailleur provides cyclists with very smooth up shifting and downshifting for those hills and mountain paths. It is also because of the new built in modifications that gives these derailleurs provide riders with the proper balance in the transition between upshifting and downshifting. Because of its lightweight build, the SRAM red front derailleur features a very excellent ride no matter what the terrain may be.

This cool derailleur set also makes turning, shifting and trimming fast and easy thanks to a hardened titanium cage racing across either traditional or compact ring sets.

Another something that sets the Red apart from other SRAM products, particularly the Force, is that is 30g lighter, making for quick and smooth shifts and turns.

The Red also complements and perfectly fits a bike’s compact crankset or a standard crankset.