pinit fg en rect gray 20   SRAM Red DoubleTap Controls Brake Lever + Shifter

sram red doubletap controls brake lever and shifter   SRAM Red DoubleTap Controls Brake Lever + Shifter

With DoubleTap and ZeroLoss, SRAM Red Controls allow smooth up and down shifts in one single motion. This is a highly upgraded DoubleTap version that is improved by a specific pawl geometry, which subsequently yields to zero-loss travel. With the DoubleTap mechanism, it is easy and fast to change gears, allowing for free awkward and bothersome gear shifting on a systems that involve two levers.

In just one quick and smooth motion, shifting is effortless and comfortable. When the desire to upshift or downshift arises, there’s no waiting for the shift to come. All that’s needed is a push on the lever and the cable is engaged in an instant. No movement is lost at all, so it is zero-loss.

Aside from the instant and precise gear changes, the SRAM Red Controls are made of great materials such as carbon brake lever, carbon shift levers, and titanium. Its carbon brake lever and shift lever are super stiff but still lightweight and comfortable. This item weighs 280g.