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The SRAM Red series offers another great addition to its well rounded group of products for your bike. This time the new SRAM RED Crankset is being delivered to your garage complete with new and improved technology as well as the trademark style and materials you’ve come to love from SRAM.

The SRAM Red crankset uses a free flowin spider design made out of carbon to make it look sleek and stiff, making all movements and efforts totally efficient during power transfer.

And while the standard is still available, you might want to try and make your ride bigger and badder with the BB30 SRAM Red Crankset. This bigger and bolder crankset allows for 10% more stiffness and more power directed to the pedal. It’s also 20% lighter and gives over 300% more ankle clearance. The BB30 is shipped with a 30mm axle and oversized in-frame bearings that makes it more efficient in terms of ankle space and power transference.

All SRAM Red series cranksets have integrated carbon-spider finish that makes it lighter and stiffer compared to other cranksets. It also lessens the effort to transfer power when moving the bicycle. These cranksets are also equipped with the SRAM Red PowerGlide chainrings. These chain rings are designed to reach expert to professional levels of shift, stiffness and durability.

The superb cranksets from SRAM also sports the GXP or the Giga X Pipe External Bottom bracket Bearing Assembly. The GXP system obtains the bearing on the left side, just between the spindle and the left crankarm at the same time allowing the drive-side bearing to float on the spindle. Another great thing about the GXP is that it minimizes the premature bearing wear, which can ultimately save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

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