pinit fg en rect gray 20   SRAM Red Brakeset

sram red brakeset   SRAM Red Brakeset

The major feature of the SRAM Red Brakeset is its dual pivot design. The dual pivot design with convex washers is race-proven and skelotonized. It is fully adjustable with the centering and spring tension screws. With its pure stopping power and modulation in a lightweight, aero package, this product is ideal for road cycling.

The dual pivot design of the SRAM Red Brakeset boosts the braking power and at the same time improves the modulation in a light and wind-cheating package. These brakes are made with combined materials of alloy pivot bolts, cold-forged aluminum arms, and a pad set that is easy to adjust. The materials provide maximum effectiveness along with minimum weight. Cold-forged aluminum arms have an aerodynamic profile that makes it super stiff. The upgraded modulation and power control are also feather-light and extremely weatherproof. With the easy-to-adjust pad holders, this weatherproofing allows super smooth action to ensure fine tuning between the wheel sets.