pinit fg en rect gray 20   SRAM (Red) 1091R PowerChain

SRAM 1091R PowerChain   SRAM (Red) 1091R PowerChain

The new and improved SRAM 1091R PowerChain is the latest feature from the world’s leading bike parts manufacturer, SRAM. This utilitarian bike chain provides the latest advancement only SRAM can provide.

The SRAM 1091R Powerchain features outer plates that are heavily chamfered to improve the quality of your bike’s shifting as well as provides a silent run. The new 1091R chain also features an improved inner plate finish. 1091R chain sports a chrome hardened pin construction for a longer and better chain life, too.

The help of SRAM’s HollowPin technology gives these powerchains added plate retention strength, shifting efficiency for both front and rear shifting and low weight benchmarks that are unreachable in solid pin chain applications. The SRAMs’ 10 speeds PowerChain also provides precise movements without sacrificing strength.

SRAM has infused the 1091R PowerChains with PowerLock technology, which is a tool free and certain way of connecting all 10 speed chains for your bike.