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rapha bicycle collection   Rapha Bicycle Collection The new Rapha Bicyle Collection includes four bikes. These are the ‘Every Day’ from Beloved, the ‘Continental’ from Ira Ryan and Tony Pereira, the Independent Fabrication ‘XS’, and the the Cinelli ‘XCR’. Its partnership with these four masters of frame building begins in January, 2011 and for the next two years.
First is the ‘Every Day’ from Beloved, which is conceived by Cycle Works Oregon and hand-built by Chris King in Portland, OR. The features include a Sturmey-Archer 5-speed internal rear hub with a downtime shifter, Chris King Headset and front hub, Nitto ‘Priest’ Bar, aluminum stem and post, Limited Edition Rapha Speedster San Marco Regal saddle, Walnut hand-sewn leather grips, carrying handle and toe clip covers, Honjo fenders by Spectrum and MKS Sylvan road pedal with deep leather toe clip.
Second is the ‘Continental’ from Ira Ryan and Tony Pereira. This year-round racing and training bike is made for all surfaces and types of weather. It features a SRAM Force Drivetrain, Chris King headset, DT Swiss wheels with Chris King hubs, Topeak pump, and 25mm continental GP4000 tires.
Third is the Independent Fabrication ‘XS’, which is the only two-time winner of Bicycling Magazine’s coveted ‘Best Dream Road Bicycle’. This bike features a blend of Carbon Fibre and Titanium, an elegant white pearl paint on the laser cut lugs, and the Rapha ‘R’ etched into the lug at the top tube, and a unique ‘inside story’ painted inside the fork.
Fourth is the Cinelli ‘XCR’, which is made with oversized Columbus XCR stainless tubing and tube materials of a higher stiffness to weight ratio than titanium or aluminum. rapha bicycle collection 2   Rapha Bicycle Collection rapha bicycle collection 3   Rapha Bicycle Collection rapha bicycle collection 4   Rapha Bicycle Collection