pinit fg en rect gray 20   Race Face Riser and Flat Handlebars

race face riser and flat handlebars   Race Face Riser and Flat Handlebars

The Race Face riser and flat handlebars are one of the many new products for cycling to welcome this 2011. The 600 mm flat bar is made of cold drawn, seamless 7075-T6 Air Alloy aluminum. It is built for XC, Trail, and AM and is shot peened for increased fatigue life. The feather lightweights range is from 170 g for the 600 mm flat bar to 245 g for the 1” riser. An XC-oriented flat bar is at 600 mm while a 1” riser is at 680 mm. A 700 mm flat bar is at a smooth 8-degree sweep. The most popular version is the ¾” rise, which comes in at 680 mm wide with a 6-degree rearward sweep.

The Race Face flat bar is internally butted to achieve the finest strength to weight ratio. This tough but light bar is of great help when tackling long treks in backcountry terrain and quick rips down tracks without being weighed down. It comes in seven colors, which are black, red, blue, green, purple, orange, and pink. The Race Face Riser and Flat Handlebars thermal heat transfer logo application gives it an exquisite appearance, too.