pinit fg en rect gray 20   Paul Components Road Cranks

paul components road cranks   Paul Components Road Cranks

Pure and reliable describe Paul Components Road Cranks. Its crank arms are made from 2024 aluminum, which is a stronger and stiffer kind. Polished in high quality standards, Paul Road cranks are available in two lengths, 165mm and 170mm.

These cranks are built with four 7075 Aluminum chain ring bolts with T25 Torx heads bolt through the chain ring and into the reinforced spider on the crank arm, which all are ultimately made from a specially designed interlocking chain ring/crank interface. The threads are deeper and the spider is reinforced, which makes the assembly more intact.

Paul Road Cranks expresses the durability of the chain rings that are made out from 6.3mm aluminum plate. The chain rings, also in two patterns—the circles and Royal Flush, comes in six different sizes that you can choose from such as 32, 34, 36, 39, 46 and 48 tooth rings for circles and 46 and 48 for Royal Flush.

Paul Road Cranks maximizes the use of narrower chainstays on road frames and the narrow chain-line of High Flange hubs.

Material 2024 aluminum crank arms 6061 aluminum chain rings
Weight Minimum: 556g (165mm,32t) Maximum: 680g (170mm, 48t)
Finish Polished Crank Arms Adonized Chain Rings
Color Silver/ Black

paul components road cranks 2   Paul Components Road Cranks

Prices – Road Crank: $250; Circles Chain Ring: $70; Royal Flush Chain Ring: $70