pinit fg en rect gray 20   New Mach 1 MTB Rims

new mach 1 mtb rims   New Mach 1 MTB Rims

Mach-1 has unveiled their latest MTB rims, the X-LITE DISC 26” and the NEO DISC 26″, for the coming season. These models are made out of a special alloy 6063T6 and black adonized at 15 microns thickness, which provides more rigidity and strength to the rim profile.

The X-LITE DISC 26” is a cross country model at 17C standard that weighs 410g, including eyelets. The NEO DISC 26” is an all mountain rim at 19C standard that weighs at 450g, also including eyelets.

The large sticker graphic found on the model sums up the high value of the wheel, complementing the whole actual frame design. This sticker is automatically applied through the use of advance technology that needs no operators to perform such task.

new mach 1 mtb rims 2   New Mach 1 MTB Rims

new mach 1 mtb rims 3   New Mach 1 MTB Rims