pinit fg en rect gray 20   Matt Fitzgerald Racing Weight Quick Start Guide Book

matt fitzgerald racing weight quick start guide book   Matt Fitzgerald Racing Weight Quick Start Guide Book

Matt Fritzgerald, author of the Racing Weight Quick Start Guide, is a certified sports nutritionist licensed by the International Society of Sports Nutrition. Some of his recent and most popular books would include RUN: the Mind Body Method of Running by Feel, Brain Training for Runners, The Runner’s Diary, and Racing Weight. His contributions to several fitness publications such as Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, Runner’s World, Outside, Bicycling, Women’s Running, and so much more have been well recognized.

With a New Year and new time to start making things better for athletes, Matt Fritzgerald has something new to offer.  According to Boulder, CO, USA; three out of four endurance athletes are extremely concerned with their respective weights. Now cyclists, runners and triathletes won’t have to worry because the Racing Weight Quick Start Guide by Matt Fritzgerald is here.

Racing Weight Quick Start Guide is a detailed book that covers all principles of every racing weight books available. It’s composed of different plans that allow endurance athletes to lose weight from 5 to 10 or up to 20 plus pounds in a matter of 4 to 8 weeks training.

The program provides scheduled high intensity workouts and strength trainings. Easy-to-understand lists of calorie restricted diet, high-protein diet and snacks are also provided. Different effective plans of both high and low volume plans are given to maintain training levels of endurance athletes; making their fats turn into muscles and giving them a consistent regular athlete appetite.

A continuous training program is also provided even if athletes have reached their goals of ones desired weight through the provision of effective techniques and strategies such as improved diet quality, proper timing of meals/snacks, balanced macronutrient levels, lean body composition training, and appetite management.

Racing Weight Quick Start Guide by Matt Fritzgerald is a 4-week rapid weight-loss program specially made and designed for endurance athletes; the very first of its kind, which is now available in bookstores and sports shops near you. You can also order a copy online. Visit to download a preview.

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