pinit fg en rect gray 20   HED Cycling Stinger 5, 7 Carbon Tubulars Road + 2011 Cyclocross Wheelsets

hed cycling stinger 5 7 carbon tubulars road 2011 cyclocross wheelsets   HED Cycling Stinger 5, 7 Carbon Tubulars Road + 2011 Cyclocross Wheelsets

The Stinger 5 and Stinger 7 are two of the latest innovative products from HED. The all-new Stinger 5 and 7 carbon tubular wheels are especially designed for rough and tough cyclocross. Through Stability Control Tuning (SCT) technology, Stinger 5 and 7 are tuned for neutral crosswind handling without compromising performance in other aspects.

In addition, the Stinger 5 (50 mm deep) is made for cobbles and cross. It has a thick carbon layup that offers more comfort for a tough ride on rough surfaces. Featuring extra carbon fiber layers on its 50 mm-deep rim that is designed for 25 mm or larger tubulars, the whole wheelset weighs in at 1,390 g (615 g F / 775 g R). The Stinger 7 (70 mm deep) is a super stiff wheel for sprinting, easily holding up to fast cornering and sprinting in an aero package with its reinforced sidewalls that allow better lateral rigidity. With its stiffened rim sides, the Stinger 7 can perform better under more demanding actions with less flex and more speed.

The Stinger, Jet, and Ardennes FR, SL and LT all have a carbon shelled front hub. As for Ardennes, the alloy wheel line is renamed and Bastogne, Kermesse, and Flanders are already included. Ardennes FR is the Flamme Rouge version that has a field serviceable rear hub, Cx Ray spokes, Ti skewers, and scandium-alloyed rims. Both Ardennes SL and Ardennes LT have alloy rear hubs, and bladed Sapim race spokes. Ardennes CL has a 2x2x front and rear lacing pattern with 24 spokes front and 28 rear, bladed J bend Sapim spokes, and alloy rims available in tubular or clincher, while Ardennes GP has alloy hubs, round spokes (18 front, 24 rear), and clincher alloy rims. Skewers and rim strip or tape are included in all products.

What other new stuff is here for 2011 cyclocross wheelsets? For hubs and lacing, take note that modern frames are stiffer and call for stiffer wheels. Thanks to 2x2x lacing, rims are made stiffer such as C2 platform, on which tires do not wash side to side as opposed to 19mm rim tires. Say goodbye to the outdated 2x radial spoke pattern and old bikes that absorb lateral force before getting to the wheel. The 2011 Flamme Rouge rear hubs are designed with pass-through shielded seal bearings and a grease port. Good news track riders and D12 users, there is a new model without integrated brake levers—the Corsair E. Also, HED’s new aerobar extension, a new S bend with tips that angle 7.5° but still keeps the S portion for multiple hand positions.