pinit fg en rect gray 20   GoPro 3D Hero, LCD BacPac and Battery BacPac

gopro 2011 3D Hero   GoPro 3D Hero, LCD BacPac and Battery BacPac

Helmet camera lovers with a crush on the High definition quality will definitely be happy to read about the 2011 releases from GoPro, which includes the GoPro 3D Hero and two new additions to GoPro’s exciting line of products: The LCD BacPac and the Battery BacPac.

The 2011 upgrade for the GoPro’s 3D Hero is basically a revised version of its older brother, the GoPro HD Hero 960. So it remains with a resolution cap of 1280 x 960 and comes with a sync cable so your footage can start and stop recording at the same precise time. You still have to stitch up the footages, though, to create beautiful and eye-popping 3D images, but it’s still a good buy.

The LCD BacPac on the otherhand is a cool device that snaps on directly to your backpack as well as directly onto the back port of the 1080p HD Hero helmet cams, which can then tell you the battery life as well as show you what the camera is looking at. Finally, it can also double as a speaker.

Feeling the urge to stockpile energy for your battery? GoPro will also release the new Battery BacPac, which lets you ditch the LCD and instead have a second battery attached. It can even act as your external battery charger in case the situation demands it.

The catch though? You’ll be needing a new back cover to fit over the bulge of these great looking gadgets. All three GoPro products will be launching in the next few months although as of press time, there are still no price tags attached to each respective product.

Source: Engadget