pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cychosis Keeps Track While on the Track

cychosis keeps track while on the track   Cychosis Keeps Track While on the Track

For all cyclists out there who can’t part with their iPhone, here’s another reason to bring it along for your morning ride. The Cychosis app tracks, charts and even tweets about your progress on the road. You can easily chart distance, average speed and time and view high-resolution charts of your daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and all-time progress on the road.

It also keeps track of how much mileage and how many rides your bike, or any other for that matter, has had. If you’re driven to reach your goals and want to make sure of it, Cychosis also lets you do that. It keeps track of the goals you set and measures your progress against them. The iPhone app (or iPod) helps tab common routes, distance, elevation, notes, etc. What’s more is you can record rides as soon as you’re done, filter ride data to the current week, month or year and shows stats for every ride you’ve gone on.

Not to be missed of course is the option to automatically tweet about each ride after you enter it and in turn let’s your family and friends follow or just know where you’re going. The only thing holding you back from letting this app replace your traditional bike computer with your iPhone/iTouch is battery life, a dilemma that can be solved by bringing an external battery along.