campagnolo cycling apparel 2011   Campagnolo Cycling Apparel 2011

Campagnolo introduces its latest in cycling apparel for 2011, including Tech Motion windproof jacket, a light wind jacket, Tech Motion bibs, Tech Motion full zip jersey, and Tech motion gloves.

The two jackets—the titanium Tech Motion windproof jacket and the lightweight wind jacket—are both windproof but the latter is also waterproof. The titanium Tech Motion is made of Light Textran material that helps wick sweat away more easily. Though the outer layer makes the jacket windproof, it is still breathable, soft and comfortable. On the other hand, the lightweight wind jacket is made of laminated fabric that makes it both windproof and waterproof. The fabric weighs 50g per square meter only, which is similar to a rain cloak. Both jackets are offered in sizes S to XXXL.

The Tech Motion bibs are more than just cycling apparel. Using Campy’s Tri-ProPad, the bibs are made of high stretch fabric with a special UV protective coating sewn in silicon bands at the leg openings so they will not ride up. The bibs are constructed in such a way that to boost cycling performance by optimizing muscle compression reduces fatigue and leg vibrations when pedaling.

Ideal for warm weather, the Tech Motion full zip jersey is made of breathable and antibacterial Eschler fabric. It is also partially made from recycled polyester that gives the wearer extra comfort. The fabric is bi-elastic, which means it can stretch evenly across your body. The Tech Motion gloves also provide extra comfort with the embossed no-slip palms that have gel inserts.

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