assos fugu 2011 windproof cycling jacket   Assos Fugu 2011 Windproof Cycling Jacket

The Assos Fugu Windproof Cycling Jacket 2011 is ideal for the riding conditions in temperatures ranging from -4 to +7° C. It features minimal volume with maximum insulation as well as auto-regulative body temperature environment and total freedom of movement. This cycling jacket for men is tailored with the ASSOS Advanced Ergonomic Pattern Design (AEPD) and ASSOS airBlock 851 fabric.

The innovative features of Assos Fugu Windproof Cycling Jacket 2011 include inner collar construction, body contoured shaped neck and an upper-chest insulating composition, ensuring comfort, full protection, and no pressure.

The specifics of its windproof innovative features are its double jacket system, AEPD II, high collar with incorporated face mask, full front zipper, zip protection, double layer wrist band, one large rear pocket, 2 zippered pockets, and reflective visibility stripes. It is available in seven chest sizes: 90 cm, 96 cm, 100 cm, 102 cm, 110 cm, 116 cm, 118+ cm. The six color choices are black, blue, yellow, red, white and titan.