pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Torker Interurban

2011 torker interurban   2011 Torker Interurban

Torker gives riders something to look forward to for the New Year with the 2011 Torker Interurban. The company known for outstanding mountain bikes has created a masterpiece that breaks boundaries and delivers maximum performance.

The 2011 Interurban is a road bike built on the foundation of versatility and reliability. The frame, Torker DB Cromoly 130mm Rear Spacing, is lightweight and is spacious in the rear area. Combining elements such as the geometry of another famous Torker bike, the U District plus a double-butted chromoly frame coupled with derailleurs, Shimano shifters, Alex wheels and dual pivot brakes making it the king of its kind.

The 2011 Torker Interurban also boasts of a lot of great innovations in the realm of road bikes. It sports a fork using a Hi-Ten 1-1/8 with a headset that utilizes a steel threadless 1-1/8. Both front and rear derailleurs are equipped with Shimano materials (Shimano 2300 and Shimano Tiagra respectively). The InterUrban also sports a pedal made of Alloy W clips, making it durable and ready for wear and tear on the road.

Technically speaking, the 2011 Torker InterUrban is the top of its class thanks to the superior quality materials used in creating these road bikes. While it might look like it’s ready for dirt roads and the great outdoors, it’s also a perfect bike even for leisure activities.

It can also be bought in six different sizes with the smallest size being a size 44 and the largest tipping the scale at 54.