pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 TorHans Aero30 Hydration Unit

2011 torhans aero30 hydration unit   2011 TorHans Aero30 Hydration Unit

Founded by an entrepreneur and two passionate cyclists, the TorHans company aims to recreate poorly designed hydration units with a great amount of aerodynamic research. One of its newest products is the TorHans Aero30 Hydration Unit 2011.

The Aero30 has dual mounting channels and a trailing edge that give it great aerodynamic features, making the Aero30 match the head tube of almost any triathlon bike on the market. The dual mounting channels permit the mounting of a computer or utility holder that could contain a CPU, power meter, or energy gels. Also, the bottle can contain 30oz of liquid and the XFlow cap allowing more convenience. With the Aero30, riders do not have to worry about spilling and sloshing. It is also easier to refill at long course aid stations when the bottle is emptied.

The straw of the TorHans Aero30 Hydration Unit has a well-designed aero sleeve that masks the circular shape from the wind. Its mounting bracket can be adjusted up to widths of 14cm, so it is very easy to mount this bottle. Moreover, the bottle is totally safe. It is BPA free so users do not have to worry about chemicals. The bottle costs $44.99 and the mounting bracket is $29.95.