pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Manitou Tower 29er Forks

2011 manitou tower 29er forks   2011 Manitou Tower 29er Forks

The 2011 Manitou’s 29er tower forks might have the physical semblance of the older Manitou Minute minus the stickers and a plus on the graphic package, but it still packs quite a punch for a fork. Retained are some key features like the Absolute + dampers and the availability of other sizes as well as in a 20mm HexAxle and even in a quick release version.

Other features for this forkset is a Mars Air type of air sprins and a crown that sports a deep bore hollow forged type. Lowers for this fork also has a reverse arch that maximizes tire clearance.

The TPC for the fork is high end thanks to the TPC rebound adjustment feature, too.

The Manitou Tower 29er in general should be given a big seal of approval because of it’s suspension feel, ease of setting up and for chassis stiffness, all of which are really important in riding.