pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Garmin Cervelo Kit

2011 garmin cervelo kit   2011 Garmin Cervelo Kit

The 2011 Garmin-Cervelo kit has been introduced by Slipstream Sports, LLC. It includes many changes from the previous Garmin kits. The major overhaul involves two of its trademarks: orange panels and argyle sections. The orange panels are no longer in the design while the argyle sections were drastically minimized and relocated to the collar and left cuffs of the shorts and jersey.

Castelli, who also designed Cervélo’s 2010 kit, designed the 2011 kit predominately black and blue. The innovative Italian apparel manufacturer mixed the features of Garmin on the front and  Cervélo’s ‘é’ on the back. He had issues with Pearl Izumi, the maker of the Garmin-Transitions 2010 kit, who sued Garmin over intellectual property infringement that involves winged skin suits.

The newly overhauled kits will be showcased for the first time in Australia’s Jayco Bay Cycling Classic. A complete package of Garmin-Cervélo apparel will be provided for competing riders. The package includes the nearly seamless Body Paint Speedsuit by Castelli.