pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 ContourGPS Helmet Cam Bluetooth Upgrade

2011 contourgps helmet cam bluetooth upgrade   2011 ContourGPS Helmet Cam Bluetooth Upgrade

During this year’s Consumer Electronic Show, Contour has unveiled a new innovation for their acclaimed ContourGPS model – a modern ContourGPS model integrated with wireless Bluetooth technology.

The new ContourGPS allows owners and GPS users to wirelessly transmit to mobile phones and turn them into portable viewfinders.

While the latest models of helmet cameras are all hands free, there are still problems like the lack of a usable digital display. This new innovation for the ContourGPS instantly makes shooting videos and photos a breeze while a bike plus you have a view finder with which you can automatically view your footage on the fly.

This new and improved version of the ContourGPS definitely set the bar higher for 2011. As always, Contour has blazed a new path once again in cycling support technology.

The new Bluetooth enabled camera has also been equipped with a system that lets the cyclist know if he or she has been shooting at the sky or even if the shoot is out of focus or distorted. Feel the need to share those precious minutes biking down a challenging mountain path? You don’t have to wait to reach civilization for you to be able to pass your videos and photos to your friends since the new ContourGPS can definitely bring connectivity and creativity in a minute form.

So while the older versions of the ContourGPS model already have built-in features like a speed counter as well a location tracker that delivers in real-time, the 2011 version of this critically acclaimed product still sports the same features but with added incentives like having a GPS that controls audio or sound and the addition of being able to control the images seen around the home. A bit of a stretch for iPhone and Android users though, we still have to wait for a little bit since the application for the two phones are being developed at the moment.

Because of the positive feedback during the CES (Consumer Electronic Show), the ContourGPS has won the 2011 CES award for its innovation. Look for this award winning product as it hits store later this month with a price of $349.99

The 2011 ContourGPS Helmet Cam Gets Bluetooth Upgrade   2011 ContourGPS Helmet Cam Bluetooth Upgrade