pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 2XU Mens Compression Tri Shorts

2011 2xu mens compression tri shorts   2011 2XU Mens Compression Tri Shorts

The 2011 2XU Compression Tri Shorts for men are suitable for all triathlon race distances. The leading brand in compression and triathlon technology, 2XU manufactured these revolutionary tri shorts with quality features.

The fabric used in the shorts’ side panels is 2XU’s powerful 70 D/CK, which allows for power and durability. As for the main panels, the fabric used is 2XU’s new ICE-X. This 2XU’s new ICE-X fabric has the ability to reduce body temperature by up to 5°F, which is a great help for long and warm rides. An LD chamois pad in the main panel fabric allows the shorts to have more comfortable feel and be versatile for various race distances.

With its innovative features, the 2011 2XU Mens Compression Tri Shorts provides greater power to its rider. While muscle oscillation is reduced, its user achieves more power. On the other hand, while these tri shorts lessen muscle oscillation, these shorts increase blood flow, avoiding an increase of lactic acid.