trixter xdream exercise bike   Trixter XDream Exercise Bike

The Xdream Exercise Bike from Trixter brings bike training to a virtual level. Similar to the concept of RPG (role-play gaming), the Xdream uses the latest technology in fitness, computer hardware and software, combining them to give an overall workout that simulates cycling on the road.

When the Xdream is used, the rider’s cycling movements like pedaling and body positioning are portrayed on a screen that shows the cyclist in a virtual world. The bike has several sensors that triggers the simulation on the screen. The Xdream offers several courses, routes and trails to choose from (Parkland, Semi Arid, Desert and Highlands) to keep the exercise bike challenging and entertaining as well.

With SPD pedals for cycling shoes to make the exercise feel authentic, the Xdream features 5 bikes that can be used for exercising. There are several modes to choose from as well—like that of the quick start, Xdream fitness mode, group ride mode (multiplayer) and training mode.

Retail price for the Trixter Xdream is $6995.

trixter xdream exercise bike 2   Trixter XDream Exercise Bike

trixter xdream exercise bike 3   Trixter XDream Exercise Bike

trixter xdream exercise bike 4   Trixter XDream Exercise Bike