pinit fg en rect gray 20   Spylamp Bicycle GPS Tracker

spylamp bicycle gps tracker   Spylamp Bicycle GPS Tracker

Another innovative device against bicycle theft can be found is the Spylamp Bicycle GPS Tracker. Made by GPSTrackThis, the Spylamp is a hidden GPS tracker located on the bike’s tail light.

The GPS inside the rear light can be activated by pressing the switch button. After several seconds, the tracking device will activate and based on the vibrations that the bike gives off, the GPS sensor relays the bike’s current location to an online server. The server then alerts the owner of the bike through sms.

There’s also a website available to owners that allows them to see the location the bike of their bike. If the bike is in a building, the GPS lock will switch to GPS positioning. This will triangulate the area as to where the bike is located within 200 meters.

The GPS can be triggered manually through the off/on button or by activating the rear light. Other specs of the Spylamp are:
Quad band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Dimension 60mm x 20mm x 45mm
3 x red superbright LED
Voltage 3.7V (Built in Lithium Ion rechargeable)
Comes with USB charging cord and mains adapter plug
Average current when stand-by < 1 microamp Battery life approx 1 year depending on light use and wakeup intervals
spylamp bicycle gps tracker 2   Spylamp Bicycle GPS Tracker