pinit fg en rect gray 20   Shelter Frame Protection Tape

shelter frame protection tape   Shelter Frame Protection Tape

Shelter is the first protection tape that absorbs shock as well as keep your bicycle frame abrasion free. This impact dispersal medium protects the frame from instances when rocks are thrown against the frame through the front wheel of the bike. Carbon fiber frames are often victims of these type of hits that can often lead to bike injury.

Shelter works not only on the frame but on other parts of the bike like chainstays and areas that get damaged due to different sorts of impact. Shelter functions to diminish the force given to the frame with its visco-elastomeric material. Each transparent sheet has 50 layers of netting that catches the force of impact hits. The sheet recovers after absorbing the force, protecting the surface underneath it.

Tests conducted from a light bulb covered in Shelter and a 24 oz. hammer showed that Shelter protected the bulb at a force of 6.5 Newtons. The bulb exploded on impact of 7.3 Newtons. However, the Shelter kept the surface of the bulb intact.

MSRP for the Shelter (two 55mm X 500mm strips) is $29.95.

shelter frame protection tape 2   Shelter Frame Protection Tape