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onlyhot foot warmers   OnlyHot Foot Warmers

OnlyHot Foot Warmers brings keeping feet warm to a whole new level. Made with iron water, vermiculite and salt-active charcoal, the Foot Warmers gives off warmth once removed from its package. Goes well with mountain biking shoes in cold weather.

To be placed on the inside of your shoe or boots, the OnlyHot Foot Warmers is 100% natural and safe. Vermiculite is a mineral with magnesium, iron, aluminum water and oxide. It grows 15 sizes more in warm temperature, fire-resistant and absorbent.

The salt-active charcoal is a porous and high-absorbing material with an internal surface of 500-1500m²/g. Best used for filtration, purification and for active carbon absorption.

The Foot Warmers works once air meets the vermiculite and salt-active charcoal. This will then produce heat that can keep feet warm and dry inside the shoe for as long as 5 hours. Due to no oxygen inside the shoe, the temperature remains constant at around 35 degrees Celsius.

A pack of 10 pairs costs 32 Euros.

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