pinit fg en rect gray 20   Evolution Mini 7 U Lock with KryptoFlex Cable

kryptonite mini 7 u lock kryptoflex cable   Evolution Mini 7 U Lock with KryptoFlex Cable

Bike messengers worldwide will be happy to learn that new for 2011, Kryptonite launches the Evolution Mini-7 U-Lock with a KryptoFlex Cable. Designed to meet anti-theft needs, the Evolution Mini has a 13mm MAX-Performance steel bolt that can withstand attempts of cutting or pounding. It measures 3.25″ x 5.5″, which is why it’s named Mini, but comes with a security rating of 9 equaling superior protection.

The Evolution Mini comes with a KryptoFlex Cable, great for safeguarding your expensive wheels. The lock’s cylinder is protected with a rotating dustcover and it uses a center keyway as a defense from leverage attacks. The Mini also features anti-rattle bumpers, reinforced cuff, an EZ Mount transportation bracket and a Bent Foot design.

Priced at $64.95