pinit fg en rect gray 20   Conrad Climbing Bike Lock Prototype

conrad climbing bike lock prototype   Conrad Climbing Bike Lock Prototype

Conrad, maker of toys in Germany, came up with an innovative bike lock that climbs up the pole where you park your bike. With this new invention, bike thieves will have a difficult time stealing a bike, unless they use a ladder to get to it. The company sponsored a campaign titled “3 teams, 14 days, 150,000 Opportunities” and Team A from Hamburg submitted this invention.

The climbing bike lock is shaped like a hexagon with roller wheels attached to it. The lock is electronic and the whole mechanism is used with a remote control. The locking of the bike and wheeling it up to the top of the pole is pretty easy to do. Although—the bike lock looks a bit heavy to lug around on a ride. It’s not shown how the arms of the climbing bike lock can be adjusted if used on a thinner pole.

What if someone throws something on the lock? Is it secure enough to hold the weight of the bike? Since the bike lock works on batteries, what if it runs out of juice? The idea is good but it needs to be polished.

To make this bike lock, here are the materials:
1 x 12V switching circuit for receiver module
1 x 3-channel radio remote control (transmitter)
1 x 3-channel switching stage, building blocks
3 x DOGA gearmotor 70 RPM 12V/DC
1 x 0047 uF capacitor Suppression 100R
1 x 0.1 uF capacitor Suppression 100 R
1 Suppression uF capacitor 0:22 100R
4 x Receiver battery pack
4 x silicone cable black / red 2.5 per 1M
6 x Tamiya plug & socket
3 x Y Tamiya battery silicone cable
2 x UHF receiver module component
2 x Voltcraft 230V/AC Quick Charger 2A
1 x Craft Volt AC / DC Charger 1-3 A
3 x Y Tamiya battery silicone cable

conrad climbing bike lock prototype 2   Conrad Climbing Bike Lock Prototype