pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Schwinn Racer Fixed

2011 schwinn racer fixed 1   2011 Schwinn Racer Fixed

Not all Schwinn bikes are sold at Target, yet. But if your in the market for a reasonably priced fixie or city bike, the 2011 Schwinn Racer retails for under $300.

The components are standard on the Schwinn 2011 Racer fixed, wearing companies like Alex, KMC, and ProMax. Of course the Racer features in house parts, too, like its cranks, saddle and grips.

Two colors are available, black, with a metallic silver saddle and top-tube pad, and pink, with a black / graphite checkered saddle and top-tube pad.

Retail is $285.

2011 schwinn racer fixed   2011 Schwinn Racer Fixed