pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Santa Cruz Nomad

2011 santa cruz nomad   2011 Santa Cruz Nomad

The 2011 Nomad raises the bar higher as Santa Cruz made it lighter, sleekier and snappier than the previous Nomad. Incorporating carbon fiber into its frame, the Nomad is a certified lightweight and super stiff machine.

A one piece-lay up and curing is applied on the front triangle of the frame. Santa Cruz used the carbon fibers to continue around tube junctions for better shock absorption. Inside the frame, a net shape lay-up can be seen. Fiber compaction is smooth with no added unknown materials or resin pools. This also allows no rider weight limit on the Nomad.

Key technologies used on the Nomad Carbon involves VPP or the Virtual Pivot Point suspension design that was used on the old Nomad. This time, the patented counter-rotating link design manages to minimize chain growth by 20%. With carbon fiber upper and forged aluminum lower on short links, chassis and handling are up to its optimum point.

The 2011 Santa Cruz Nomad is offered with custom Float RP23 shock. The frameset retails for $1850. An option for shock upgrade is available for an additional $116 for the DHX air or $216 for the DHX RC4.

2011 santa cruz nomad 2   2011 Santa Cruz Nomad

2011 santa cruz nomad 3   2011 Santa Cruz Nomad

2011 santa cruz nomad 4   2011 Santa Cruz Nomad