pinit fg en rect gray 20   Trick X Body Guard Skin Top

trick x body guard skin top   Trick X Body Guard Skin Top

Trick X Drop’N Protective Gear unveils it latest edition of protective clothing for mountain bikers and downhill racers, the Skin Top Body Guard. The Trick X Skin Top is a slim piece of body gear that is both flexible and durable. The protective gear appeals to tough experienced riders who want a lightweight yet sturdy body armor. It can be worn with any jersey, shorts and protective gloves, knee pad and head gear of your choice.

The tough and rugged body armor has a protective vest with superimposed Trick X logo on the front. It features EVA foam protection on the shoulders, chest, back and with an airmesh ventilated mesh body. It is currently available in small and extra large sizes only. Weighing in at 270 grams, the Trick X Skin Top comes in a color scheme of red, black and silver gray.

trick x body guard skin top 2   Trick X Body Guard Skin Top