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steadyrack bike rack   Steadyrack Bike Rack

Steadyrack Bike Rack is an innovative way to keep your bike at home when you don’t have the space for it. Safe and easy to use, the Bike Rack is a wall mounted rack that lets you save space, secures your bike, simple to install and has a totally unique design.

The Bike Rack is not limited to residences, you can use them on any wall, post or column in parking areas to save floor space. To use the rack, just flip down the steel rack and push your bike, letting the front wheel rest on the rack. Below, there’s a wheel bumper for the rear wheel to rest on, keeping your bike in place.

Steadyrack has a patented swivel action that allows you to move your bike with a fold, keeping it closer to the wall and leaves you with more room. The Bike Rack can fit almost all standard bikes and wheels.

Retail price is AUD$99 with a 1 year structural warranty. The Steadyrack Bike Rack is available in colors of black, charcoal, yellow and white.

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