pinit fg en rect gray 20   Specialized BG Radiator Glove

specialized bg radiator glove   Specialized BG Radiator Glove

The Specialized BG Radiator Glove is specifically designed to keep the hands of mountain bikers numb-free. It features the Body Geometry Gel Pad that contours your hand, protecting your ulnar nerve from pressure. A specific thickness was incorporated in the Radiator glove with O-Foam knuckle pads that are perforated to keep the heat away from your knuckles.

The BG Radiator glove features a mesh top and an Absorbent Microwipeâ„¢ thumb for removing sweat. For better flex on the fingers, the Radiator glove has split flex zones with thermoplastic finger protection welded on them. Making sure that the glove can fit anyone’s wrist without making it too tight or too loose, micro cuff Velcro straps are there for easy adjustment.

The Specialized BG Radiator Glove in black and slate retails for $45