shimano sh m315 mtb shoe   Shimano SH M315 MTB Shoe

The latest addition to Shimano‘s mountain bike shoe line is the SH-M315. It uses a new synthetic leather called Rovenica for its upper and features Shimano’s Custom-Fit technology. For professional cycling and more, the SH-M315 provides a supple fit that is both stiff and comfortable.

Durable with anti-abrasion upper with a low-profile design, the SH-M315 also has a micro-adjust buckle, dual offset straps and anti-slip heel lining. The insoles and upper panels are heat moldable to match your foot’s fit.

The sole has a rigid carbon fiber shank to give it a tuned flex. Partnered with high memory on elasticity and optional toe spikes for increased traction, the Shimano SH-M315 weighs 686g a pair and can be matched with Shimano XTR PD-M980 or PD-M985.

shimano sh m315 mtb shoe 2   Shimano SH M315 MTB Shoe